Employee Vacation Tracker

LeavePlanning's employee vacation tracker uses a natural collaborative approach for scheduling vacation time. It’s easy for both employees and managers to use. Best of all, information is available 24/7.

How the Employee Vacation Tracker Helps Your Business

Use LeavePlanning™ to keep up with vacation scheduling:

Automatic Notification

When an employee uses LeavePlanning to request vacation time, the employee vacation tracker automatically notifies management of the request. The auto approve feature makes vacation scheduling a natural part of doing business.

No Confusion

Say goodbye to vacation request confusion. With the LeavePlanning employee vacation tracker, there's no mystery about who submitted a vacation request first, or whose request is approved. Our beautifully designed interface lets you see everything at a glance.

Always Available

Like the rest of LeavePlanning, the employee vacation tracker module is native to the cloud. Employees and management access the tool through iOS and Android smart phones or tablets from anywhere.

Always current

Never lose a paper employee request for time off again. Managers always know when employees will take their vacation. All records "live" in a centralized location and are available in real time so they are always current.

No paperwork, No hassle

When employee vacation plans change, LeavePlanning's vacation tracker module stays current. The employee schedule you access through the interface is always the right one. There's no need to wonder if your information is outdated.

Integrated with Scheduling, Time & Attendance

The employee vacation tracker module works seamlessly with our scheduling, time clock, and attendance modules.

What Our Clients Say

LeavePlanning makes your life easier, your employees happier, and your financials cleaner. We value it as an essential tool of our business!

Kyle Nordman
Savoury Chef Foods